Auto Power on is not stable


I have set my Minix Neo Z83-4 to power on automatically when the 12V input is active.

In the Bios I set the automatic power on to [Always On], press F4 to save and exit, then Choose [YES].

It will now start automatically if I turn the power off and back on again. It will do this for one or two cycles, and then fail. It now needs a manual push of the power button to start it. Going back to the BIOS, the auto power has been reset to OFF.

Is there any way to make this a permanent change? I am using the computer to run an astronomical observatory and need to be able to switch the computer on and off remotely.


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Maybe you have changed many options on the bios and it is not working as it should be.

Try this:
1.Go to bios and set bios with default settings
2.Save and exit
3.go to bios again and set auto power again to always and exit
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Have reset bios to default saved and exited. then re-entered bios and set AC Power On to [Always On] before saving and exiting again.

If I go back to the bios at this point the change has been saved.

However, the first time I interrupt the power supply it boots OK, the second time nothing happens until I push the power switch.

I have repeated this cycle three times.

The bios details are as follows:

Bios vendor - American Megatrends
Core version - 5.0111
Project version - CHT0A 1.6 x64

Any other suggestions?
Updated the BIOS but problem remains. Can you direct me to instructions for replacing the CMOS battery, I can't find it mentioned anywhere.