Best Game controller for NEO U22-XJ?


I am looking for advice as I am really having problems finding any good info. I recently bought the NEO U22-XJ which is a great piece of kit. Although I don't play many games the ones i do tend to be board/strategy style games. I am so used to using a PS3 controller that using the air mouse feels wrong, so I am looking for a controller that has a mouse style function (ie I can move the pointer around using a thumbstick). I know about sixaxis and PS3 and have spent hours failing to get it to work - the NEO U22-XJ sees the controller when I press the PS button, asks me for a pin, 0000, but then fails to connect.. Anyway I digress any ideas on a good controller would be hugely appreciated.
I bought an iPEGA 9069 controller in 2017 and it is very good for me and has a "touch function". now there will be other models. it works very well on u22-xj and raspberry. try doing a google search and see if it's right for you.