Boot windows 10 from sd card

I have been unable to indentify the issues causing my erratic mouse and keyboard behavior. I switched usb dongles with a mouse/keyboard that works correctly on my desktop PC. Same issues on NEO Z83-4.

In using Wintousb program to use a USB SSD the program switched the C: drive letter from the original NEO Z83-4 32 Gig eMMC internal drive to E: drive and the new USB SSD boot drive (running Win 10) is now C: drive. It boots just fine but I have the erratic mouse/keyboard issue. As part of the use of the Wintousb I was unable at first to format the original NEO Z83-4 internal harddrive. I received a message that it was in use when I tried. Wintousb guided me via system command prompt instructions on formating the internal original drive to use as storage. This is when the issues with the mouse/keyboard began.

Is it possible to reset the drive letters to have a basic C: prompt (boot up from the original internal NEO Z83-4 drive)? If yes would that be through using the BIOS/UEFI to reset the drive letters? Due to the size limitations of Win 10 and the NEO Z83-4 internal drive, I'm wondering if maybe Linux Mint Mate would be a possible replacement. I have the 1.8 Bios.

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