Booting when power is switched on

@Andyroo yes it works with AD0J0181 BIOS

Deep S5(Eup) [Enabled]
Power Loss [On]

No power to the USB ports when shut down and reconnection of power to device boots it up.
Great, thanks. So if I update to AD0J0181 I'll get that behaviour.
@Andyroo surely if you are disconnecting the power to shut down the device and only reconnecting the power to boot it up then there would not be any power on the USB ports anyway!
Well, yes...but I don't always remember to turn the smart plug off when I've shut down. :rolleyes: I've got my current computer setup to shut down in the evening each day with the smart plug timed to go off 15 minutes later in case I forget. I invariably close the computer down when I've finished but don't always remember to turn the smart plug off. The external drive I'm currently using is a 4TB 2.5" mechanical drive and I don't want to leave it powered when not in use.
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