Can't install latest Win 10 update

It has been a total horror show since acquiring this Z83-4 PRO a few days ago. Initially, it began to choke on a Windows update and most all of the precious memory in this little box was consumed with downloads from Microsoft. I then discovered this forum and thought my problems were over when I discovered and downloaded the file from here and got instructions on how to use it. I converted a 16GB USB thumb drive to NTFS and copied all of the files over to it, successfully got it to boot on the NEO and begin the process. That ended with a red screen and a significant error. I now cannot even boot back into anything that resembles Windows - only a command prompt - no matter how I configure the BIOS.
The error on the screen indicates a problem with the file Install.swm that was in the \DeployOS subdirectory. Coincidentally, when I was unpacking the .zip file, an error relating to the same file was indicated! I ignored this error during the unpacking, hoping it wasn't a significant file. Obviously, it was!
I now have a useless plastic box. Can someone help me, please?