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Yes it is.

It was tricky the reboot, but I manage to workout.

Very thanks team ;-)

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Well done :).

Hello again.

I've read that is possible to flash directly on Minix memory.
I'm making this try with CoreELEC, mainly because of performance. My U9 is a bit slow and I believe with CoreELEC will run like Nvidea Shield TV ;-)

My big question..... is it possible to roll back the box to original state?
This means having the original Marshmallow Android.

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Best to try it initially on your Micro SD & see what you think. An installation on a Micro SD card is a good option for the average user & there's really not a massive gain in system speed/responsiveness using the eMMC over a Micro SD.

If you still wish to continue the easiest way is to simply SSH into the CoreELEC you've already created on your removable media & use the ceemmc command ( ) which will transfer your existing CoreELEC install & settings directly to the eMMC.
Thanks guys for your precious answers, you are awesome!

I've read somewhere on the forum that is 10x faster the micro SD.

I've a micro SD of 64GB, red from Kingston wich reads 90MB/s and writes 80MB/s.

If I'm not wrong... normally eMMC is around 250MB/s, so should be visible the performance improvement.

With marshmallow on minix... the kodi is slow. So I would like to try CoreELEC before jump to another investment.... the shield tv pro 2019 ;-)

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Hello multimedia enthusiasts,

After using CoreELECT for a week, I just can say that...... is GREAT.

Some feedback of my experience:
- on my minix with CoreELECT on Micro SD, I Just power it from IR and it jumps to CoreELECT, no tricky thing on power button+power conector is needed;
- minix takes 2 a 3 minutes to boot up;
- AEON MQ8 skin is toooooo slooooow;
- on default skin, it works great, but with a slight delay;
- it perform acceptable on films 4K with atmos (50GB);
- on Yatse, some times fail the connection and I've to reboot using remote control;
- on Yatse, and the images loading are slow;
- all services works, as expected.

Sooo, being said... it seems that I will jumpt to the next step, CoreELECT installed on eMMC!!!!

Can someone feedback if the performance will increase, like no freeze or slow performace with 50GB films or using Yatse?

Can someone, who has the CoreELECT installed on eMMC, feedback about performane, and if possible intall the skin AEON MQ, and feedback?

thanks in advance

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