CoreElec Minix U9-H

I have tried some CoreElec before. But since the newer versions of coreelec i can't boot anymore from the SD. I tried everything even using older dtb.img files. I still keep getting the message that the path is not found like some other fellas here have described.

Anyone of you have an idea why?
MINIX NEO U9-H default IR Remote
1) Download remota.rar
2) Plug-in your device via Samba or alternative
3) Unrar "remote.rar" and you can see "remote.conf"
4) Now simply copy "remote.conf" to the COREELEC partition of your SD card / USB flash drive or to /storage/Configfiles/ and reboot.
Hello again:
I tried to unrar (WinRAR) but i can't. Error in file
Could you attach again?