Download and Upload Speed issue.


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Hi All , I would need some advice on network
issue. I’m using 1 Gbps fibre broadband. I’m on Android version 5.1.1

I have being trying to do some internet speed test on my NEO-X8H-PLUS but unable to achieve the desire speed which it should be around 900+Mbps for Download & Upload.

Understand that it is using Gigabit Ethernet, it should more or less be able to achieve the speed.

I have tried my broadband speed test on other IT equipment and it does achieve 900+Mbps for DL/UL.

Currently I am only able to achieve less the 500Mbps for DL/UL. Including Wired and Wireless connection.
DNS. &

The system is default with factory apps.

Please Advise. TIA

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