Explanation on why VPN's will soon not work for video streaming. Comments Welcome. Please.

Not sure how soon, but as a security-insider and someone who works closely in this arena, the days are numbered for our favorite VPN solutions for getting video content. Me included.

VPN's are a great way to protect your internet traffic form prying eyes, and while you may think you are anonymous (outside of TOR, and even that is debatable), its not your data that's being looked at, its HOW your data is being looked at.

1. VPN will hide me PART 1? Sure! It will. As long as your ISP permits you to connect to your VPN. After that? ISP's have started forming contracts with big streaming providers to offer faster traffic for their services. IF THEY COMPLY. It's called an interconnect. In the big datacentres where Netflix (Amazon-hosted, didn't know that did you!), Youtube, AZ Prime, Hulu, interconnect with ISP's for pay-services, they are not offering a link... they are offering an interconnect into their ultra-speed backbone. INTERCONNECT. That means the equivalent of adding the world's fastest SSD drive to your PC with ALL the videos, versus your puny 100mbit fiber. Your ISP can then serve region-locked content at blistering speeds, even at a discount sometimes, for the big streamers. VPN users? "lock to 1Mbit when using a VPN"

If you are interested in the other 4 parts, reply on this thread.
I'm so sick of this garbage with killing net neutrality I'm almost afraid to ask for the other 4 parts as I'm sure it's more bad news, but I guess I'd rather have a heads up rather then waiting for the ISP to shut me down.