Firmware installation instructions for the NEO Z83-4 Pro


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Thanks all for your replies

This is not a windows update or windows installation problem. I was flashing the bios to 1.8

Yes, I followed the instructions and successfully update all machinefirmware to version 1.8 except for this machine. It stopped at “Erasing Main Block) and then screen went blank after a long time. I don’t think I can enter bios at all now. Is this machine bricked? Or can I still recover it?
Aahh, OK, that doesn't sound so good unfortunately :(!! Obviously these devices don't have removable BIOS chips that are relatively easy to replace if completely corrupted like some larger motherboards from a typical PC, for example.

Chances are it may well be bricked if nothing you've tried can seem to initiate a fresh update.

If your devices are still within their warranty period, your best option would be to contact MINIX directly via email to explain exactly what has happened. You'll get a faster response from them directly too.
If you need to re-install the firmware for the NEO Z83-4 Pro, please follow these steps.
Please note, Re-installing the firmware shall wipe everything on the eMMC(C: drive, 32GB) where the Windows 10 OS is installed.
So you'll have to back up your essential data in case they will lose forever.

1. Go to this webpage to download the Windows 10 Pro OS image.

2. Create a UEFI bootable USB memory stick, how to do it?
Prepare an 8GB or 16GB of NTFS format USB memory stick and change the name to “WINPE”.

3. Unzip the firmware files, and then copy all child files and folders to the root directory of the USB stick. (See Firmware files at the root directory.png)

4. Connect the keyboard and USB stick to the Z83-4 Pro, power on the Z83-4 Pro, then press F11 button and select USB stick to boot in the prompt window. (See Boot device.jpg)
You don’t need to do anything, just wait for the installation finished. It’ll take about 15 minutes.

5. When you see the same window as Cleanup Test.jpg, please click the “Cleanup Test” on the desktop, then the box will re-start.
Finish the initial setups and enjoy it.

Many thanks! I followed all those steps I could back to Windows (since I've installed today Ubuntu and was a mess) -now everything works properly.

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