How to download a file on Minix forum ?


At first, be sure the file (firmware, update, driver, ...) you want to download is the good one !
If you don't know, ask for help before.

Just click on the given link to get the file.

If the link doesn't work for you :

- Try another browser
Chrome :
Firefox :

- Use a download manager :
Getright :
JDownloader2 : + java :

- Disable temporarily your antivirus/firewall
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Internet Download Manager (IDM) works well too :).

It's shareware like Getright but can still come in handy with the free trial. (Uninstall it properly as well & it can be reinstalled at a later date to begin the free trial again from day one. Not good form perhaps, but perfectly legal ;). (I have the licensed version BTW LOL, I rely on it far too heavily to mess around with uninstalling/reinstalling on a regular basis ;).))
Hi. Tried downloading BIOS and Win10 for the Z64W using Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera. None work. Disabled firewall temporarily... Still can't access. Is anyone able to point me to a valid copy that I can download? Thanks

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