How to download a file on Minix forum ?


At first, be sure the file (firmware, update, driver, ...) you want to download is the good one !
If you don't know, ask for help before.

Just click on the given link to get the file.

If the link doesn't work for you :

- Try another browser
Chrome :
Firefox :

- Use a download manager :
Getright :
JDownloader2 : + java :

- Disable temporarily your antivirus/firewall
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Internet Download Manager (IDM) works well too :).

It's shareware like Getright but can still come in handy with the free trial. (Uninstall it properly as well & it can be reinstalled at a later date to begin the free trial again from day one. Not good form perhaps, but perfectly legal ;). (I have the licensed version BTW LOL, I rely on it far too heavily to mess around with uninstalling/reinstalling on a regular basis ;).))
Thanks for this I too am looking to do the same and noticed this was discussed in 2019 so things may have changed so would welcome an update if different?.
I use a vpn and Beetv for my content, once my selection has been made I click on the link and watch.
But would like to download and store on SD card in my device so I can watch on my tablet.
I use VLC media player which copes with most formats.
Some say use Esfile (already installed on the minix) to download but not sure? Cannot find the Sd card in Esfile to select.
Some selections say downloadable which I choose , my questions are:
-Why is my Sd card in my box not visable so I can select were to save the download so I can remove and watch on another device?
Is this a setting isuue? If were can I find the setting to select?
-Were can I find the file link in order to copy into Minix.
Many Thanks

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