Howto use a gamepad with Minix ?


I have two USB's gamepad (Xbox like) which works just perfectly for example the "Bomsquad" on my MINIX Neo-U9H.

I would like to play "Brawl Stars" but the game isn't designed to use gamepad, I can use the mouse to play but it's not good.

I have seen which explains how to use gamepad on a emulator and I wonder if anyone did the same with our box (my box is rooted) and if yes, which "mapper" should I use ?

Thank you very much.
Thank you very much!

I will try, I guess the hard part will be to define which part of the screen are assigned to which button ;-)



What does rooted mean?
How can I root my U22?

Hope some one can help me to get my gamepad working

If you do not know what rooted means then you possibly shouldn't being rooting the device!

That being said, the U22-XJ has a Root switch.
You can find it in Settings, Device Preferences, System root

Thanks for your comment. What exactly does the root do?
Root gives the user full access to the android environment allowing read and write access where normally you would have read access only. The android system is locked down by default to prevent unauthorised changes, rooting is much the same as giving administrator rights on a PC. Of course it goes without saying that using root is to be done with extreme caution, deleting a single file in the system could cause an unrecoverable crash requiring a reflash of the firmware or worse bricking the device beyond recovery.
That said, having root comes in handy for apps that require root access, search the play store for root and you will find many apps that require root to function properly.

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