Internet problems

I have two Minix boxes, one an original bought several years ago. And a minix 6.
Both register in the settings as connected, but screen says no connection. The wifi works fine on my computer. It is weird that it is both machines. Any help?


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It would seem highly unlikley to me that both minix devices would fail at the same time to connect assuming they have been working previously.
I would check all cables, switches and reboot both router and minix and power off / on all devices in the LAN chain.

Check router settings to make sure they are on the same LAN subnet, and if on wifi make sure antennas are firmly attached .
IN minix settings select only wifi or ethernet, never have both on.

Think back to what you may have done / changed since they last worked.
I've had them for years,8? I'll go through and replace all cords, but my phone and computer both are running. This is weirding me out.
It's ancient by technology standards. I had it as well, can't believe it was so long ago. Like the guys said, it's weird that both of them would fail at the same time. If anything else fails, reflashing firmware is worth a shot.
Yea it's not the machine, it's the programs from England that everything is free. I don't want to lose them. My wife is coming in about 6 months and can bring another one


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Took it to computer store, they did something to the internet settings. All good!
Sometimes you are forced to factory reset a device, in your case i believe they did at least that in your router.
Othertimes the problem is in the internet service provider, we have to call them to fixed it (it's their problem, some configuration os something like that)