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How long have 3D holo projectors been around?
We would say since the invention of a magnifying glass? Prism projector is cool but small projection if you do these four sides with a simple household mirror and a little more magnification between the projector and the mirror and the outside. If you anti-reflect the picture again and makes it much bigger and sharper.
If you still put black cardboard in the prism, is it a 3D projection in the empty black space?

How much electricity does a holoprojector need if I put a magnifying glass in front of the light, for example LED?
Sharper, bigger but with less energy?
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I was thinking a bit about holograms with my family. Don't know such a holo projector is still quite expensive. As a kit. In the East I once had a very simple projector, a lightbulb and a magnifying lens. When I looked in front, you saw this in the lens. Actually, this would be very easy to make yourself, I think?
Whether you have a 3D projector in Handy Tab or as a device. So one version would be a magnifying glass. That you're beaming at from behind with a projector.
But faith is not healthy.
But if you give the beamer a different angle behind the magnifying glass and bring 3 normal household mirrors into the correct position in front of the magnifying glass, you mirror it into the magnifying glass.
First of all you would reverse the mirroring in the right direction then you would have it in 3D and you could still work with the magnifying glass. Stretch, stretch, tug. If you also use two mirrors and a magnifying glass to enlarge the way, it's cool, big, even from a small cell phone. Since you don't want to use a lot of energy but want an optimal result, you can also make the background of the magnifying glass black.
Cool is that a kind of cheap 3D hologram television?


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I also took a look at the hologram projectors, which are still expensive. Why not work with more magnification? magnifying glasses? How much more could you tease out without using any energy and how big, bright and sharp are these projections?

I mean, a few years ago, I also built my first hologram 3D glasses myself from ne VR glasses.
Not that difficult at all, I sawed them open, put the mobile phone flat with the display pointing upwards in front of the lenses and simply built mirror glasses from cd cases myself at the right angle.
Don't worry the part was actually scrap I got for less than 10€.

You can derive the right angle from the prism projector calculation.


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Does LED light get warm in a magnifying glass??????
Just paint a keyboard with UV paint on a glass table. With UV light, this becomes visible and you can implement the keystrokes via cameras controlled by gestures, for example.

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So you actually need one for a wall, just one, I would like to have a 4 meter TV, 4 m curved glass with magnification and something thicker in it, hang it on a black wall and, stretched or stretched, mirrored, maybe drag a 3-dimensional projector into this glass beam? A cool 4m hologram projector without much energy? PC included and WA??? video telephony. If you then adjust the software to make the background black for the projector glass? Just something crazy, if you pull out two small side 2m walls and project and set up a treadmill, walk in the forest or do sports? Now just add a gesture-controlled camera, I can then also work in the air, i.e. touching ? So why do you need so much technology to build a 4 m television?

The 3D VR glasses are unwieldy and heavy, there is also the possibility of getting epileptic seizures.
Processed by the eyes at short distance, speed and size?

A beamer and Android PC doesn't need a lot of electricity, so can it be operated with a solar module?
Every 3D camera also has lenses, so I can not only take photos and videos, but also project them?
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This is how it could work.
Enlarge projection and in mirror to magnifying glass from behind.
To save space, you can make an extra magnifying glass between the projector and the mirror.
Now drawn again and again.

This Image please Translate German to english,

Hologramm Projektions 3D Virtual Projektor.png

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