MINIX NEO T5: AOL (Android over Linux) development support request

Hi, there.

I have some question.

I have been working with SW development on Android set-top for a long time.
I have been developing technology (AoL) that can run on Linux (background) simultaneously on my Android set top for about 3 years.
And it is a technology that many users are using on the actual Android set-top.

It's a technology similar to Samsung Linux DeX,
which doesn't support Linux desktop display, and commands Linux from Shell.

U5PVR Deluxe


Debian rootfs running in parallel with Plex Server (with some limitations), FTP, Transmission BT, SSH .. pre-installed. Other packages can be installed with apt

I will try to porting this AoL technology to your MINIX NEO T5 set-top.
To do that, you need some help.

If you are interested in porting this AoL,
we hope to provide the SDK for AMLogic S905X2 Android 8.x.

Thank you.


AoL (Android over linux) is a Linux operating system distribution running on Android kernel.

The installation method is as simple as downloading the AoL installation file from the PC
and installing it on the Android set-top (copying the file from the PC to the Android IP).

Debian 9.x base
Other packages can be installed with apt form Debian repository.

Basically, we can provide the foundation technology that can integrate and operate the content life cycle based on open source.

Based on AoL technology,
PMS (Plex media server) technology running on like shield TV settop,
rclone & plex drive function to connect Google Drive,
and torrent server can be used in linux AoL.

1. Content Acquisition (Torrent) >>
2. NAS & Cloud Storage (Google drive) >>
3. PMS & Kodi (Content Front End Management) >>
4. MINIX NEO T5 (Content Playback)

If Linux-based AoL can be installed,
users can build a high-use environment using various open sources.

Users can operate NAS function with MINIX NEO T5 set-top + USB HDD
without using separate NAS with Media Server function (Video, Music, Broadcast, Manga, etc) installed separately.

- SSH Server (Default installation)
- ftp (Default installation)
- tvheadend Server (Default installation)
- transmission PMS(Plex Media Server) (Default installation)
- MPD (Music Player Daemon)
- Air Comics Server
- minidlna
- AirPlay (ShairPort)
- OpenVPN
- JDownloader2
- Home Assistant (IoT)
- rclone & Plex drive




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