Minix Neo U1 with Host Teamviewer


I use a large number of Minix Neo U1 for a professional needs. Until now I used VNC for remote control at distance.

I would like to switch to Teamviewer but I have a strange problem with the Teamviewer host application : After one hour the Teamviewer ID and password on the Minix U1 is automatically deleted. This makes Teamviewer unusable! What is even more "strange" is that this problem does not occur on a Minix U1 rooted ?!?

Do you have any ideas, advice to solve this problem.

Many thanks in advance for your help !!!

There's an issue with the U9 devices with team viewer host since their firmware is cloned so teamviewer thinks it's the same device and not creating a new account for the new device so i talked to teamviewer support and they gave me GUIDs
I'm not sure if it's the same case
try to assign your device to your teamviewer account and look if it's a same id of another device
I can confirm that this is the case with the U1 too so I rooted mine and changed the cloned Android ID, I think from entries I saw elsewhere you are also trying to do the same.
Bizarrely when I first tried Teamviewer on my U1 I found I was also controlling someone elses due to the cloned ID; an issue that as far as I am aware is now fixed but if you are using this professionally in a business context you may want to check.