minix neo x7 Not Booting

minix neo x7 not booting.
The below picture shows what state it goes to when I start it.
I have an android phone and a Mac computer (no windows pc at home). Is there any way this problem can be fixed without the use of a windows pc?


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Dear all, I'm a newbie of minix x7 wassler. I've installed win10 dirvers and updated the loader only, with RK3188Loader(L)_V2.03.bin.
Then minix isn't recognized by windows 10 and I cannot do anything.
The windows error is:

Il dispositivo ha riportato un problema ed è stato interrotto. (Codice 43)

Richiesta del descrittore del dispositivo USB non riuscita.

The minix won't boot. Someone can help me to restore the factory defaults?
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