Minix owner with Win10 H20 update lack of space


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Hello, I added a thumb drive and SD card both to my Minix but upon the reboot it asks to insert the external storage.
I found that if I remove the SD card into an adapter and put it in the USB slot then it starts the update. Found this link:
Still waiting for the update to complete.
Please be more specific!!

Which device do you actually own yourself for a start;)??? (Is it a standard Z83-4, one of the other Z83-4 variants (Max, Plus, U), or another MINIX model entirely, such as an N42C-4, etc.?)

The more relevant information you can provide, the better your chances of a swift resolution.


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It removed the SD card from the slot and put it into a USB adapter and the MINIX Z83-4 Pro finally updated to the Windows 10 H20 version successfully. It took several hours and a reboot, but finally worked. There was a message that an additional 10 GB space was needed to I put in another USB blank to complete the needed download. Hope this helps anyone else with the same problem.

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