Minix U1 stuck in continuous cycle of optimizing apps at startup

I only get to use my Minix U1 Hub at weekends and it was working fine last week, but when I switched my U1 Hub on yesterday the form-factor of the homepage and the Apps appearing on the homepage were different and nothing responded to the remote. (I usually install updates as soon as they are recommended, so assume that firmware is up-to-date).
Upon re-starting the Hub it went into a cycle of "Android is starting ..." and "Optimizing app 1 of 24" and once it got to "... 24 of 24" it tried to re-start, but failed.
It then does the same thing but showing "Optimizing app 1 of 39" and when it gets to then end of that cycle it also fails and re-starts "... 1 of 39" optimizing over and over again and never actually starting.
Anyone got any ideas what the problem and / or how to fix this ?
Well, as no one has answered you yet, I will give an opinion. I have had similar "updating apps" messages in the past. Whatever is going on it takes way too long. I usually just walk away and go do something else. Sooner or later it finishes. All is usually well after that. I have never had your never ending "updating apps" issue though.

Unless someone else has a better suggestion, I would just reload the latest firmware and start from scratch. Reloading would mean you would lose all your downloaded apps and all your settings and data would be reset too.

IF it's possible to get into android in it's current state, I would make backups of anything and everything I could first BEFORE doing a firmware reload.

Good luck.
I appreciate the comeback and the advice.

I'm a little unclear how I access the box to reload the firmware in its current state but I will keep trying.

Download the most recent U1 firmware here...

Follow the guide here to install... . (It's not as complicated as it may initially appear to be, it really is very simple & fast :).)

You may even be able to use this method to update that could potentially fix this issue, only one way to find out...

That should get you back up & running soon but you will obviously lose any data stored on your U1!!

Let us know how you get on :).