Minix XBMC 16.3 (20160911) tmdb and tvdb scraper fixes

Brilliant ! I was experiencing issues for 1-2 weeks for new series. Thanks !!!

After having updated the addons, it works better. Title and plot are fixed, but the episode names is "incorrect". It shows a string of characters composed of the episode name and then some reference to the episode number and the image reference of the episode. No big issue though
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2020-05-21 1500 (2.5 hours ago)
3.2.5 [sic]
- Fixed episode title and plot not scraping

For reference fix notes was
3.2.5 [sic]
- Fixed title and plot

I like the way the version numbers in the changelog is sort of for the leia version.

I'm sure I tested the 2.1.7 before posting here, and one of the shows I have in kodi was downloaded after I installed the updated addon and has the correct episode title. So I went and checked and the leia version has two additional updates after the 17th update (20th and 21st), the kodi forums has no easily found mention of further breaks so either this was broken in 2.1.5 and I was very fortunate or tvdb changed another thing after the 17th and the addon had to be updated again {shrug}.


Many thanks augur. With the 2.1.7 you posted yesterday, all is perfect, including the episode title and plot (y)(y)

And to answer your question, in my opinion they made another change after the 17th... Before it was the title of the show plus general plot that was broken but episode title was OK. After the name of the show was OK but episode name was no longer OK.

But all is fine now!
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