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My decoder is set at Armv7neon.

I had to reflash my box and tried to upgrade the codec to 1.49 from my sd card backup.

it advised to use 1.44 version. But I cannot find that version anywhere on xda to download.

And so I tried version 1.35, but again, it stated, " use version 1.44.

Does anyone have a link to codec version 1.44 please.

Thank you.


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Which device?
Which version MX Player?
Did you update MX Player after the reflash?

On U22 I have Pro V1.51.8 with Custom Codec 1.49
U22xj max

Many thanks. Doh!! I hadn't updated my player as i went through the process of reinstalling my apps. It was an older version.

SD card backup, codec 1.49.0 installed straight away after clicking it.

Thank you Santa😀👍🙏

And a happy Christmas to you and your loved ones.

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