Neo A3 microphone not working


New member
My NEO A3 microphone does not work anymore, everything's works fine but only this function does'nt work anymore.
If i push the button the red light blinks for a short moment and no voice respons.
I tried to re calibrate the remote but nothing helps.
Is there anybody who can help me with this problem please.


Active member
I had the same issue with my A3 that came with my U9h some years ago.
Switched to the new A3 that came with my u22 and that one worked.

After about 2 months, I dug out the old A3, changed the batteries at both ends, paired it and magically it started working again. And yes, I did change the batteries on my previous attempts to get it to work.

No, idea why it now works. But happy enough.

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