NEO J50C-4: BIOS Verison 0.15


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I tried to reset the CMOS according to the instructions on the link, but unfortunately it did not help. The computer is still just beeping and won't start. Are there also pin-s on the motherboard somewhere to reset the CMOS on the J50c-4? I have not found them. I just removed the battery and waited, but this does not seem to reset the CMOS.
Have you added your own RAM or removed & reinstalled the original RAM to the device?

If you added your own, try removing it & put the stock back in to see what happens. Otherwise, try removing the RAM & re-seating it.

Any change?
MINIX NEO J50C-4 BIOS Update Version 0.15

- Remove Internal UEFI:shell.
- Update PXE Options Control。
- Update CRB code to CRB43
- Update Microcode: M01706A1_00000032.PDB。
- Disable startup BEEP 'Chipset' > 'South Cluster Configuration' > 'BEEP'

BIOS Update Version 0.15 Download Link

Installation Instructions

1. Prepare a USB stick, and format it into FAT32.

2. Download the BIOS files, and extract the downloaded zip files to the root directory of the USB memory stick. (See 1.Extract_BIOS_files_to_the_root_directory_of_USB.png)

3. Attach the following accessories to the NEO J50C-4:
- Power supply.
- A conventional wired keyboard.
- Prepared USB memory stick.
- A screen via the HDMI.

4. Power on the NEO J50C-4 by pressing the power button, and press "F11" key multiple times until the boot menu windows pops up. (See 2. Boot_from_USB.jpg)

5. Choose the USB option and "Enter", then you'll see 3.jpg. The UEFI will go to "GML0B015" folder of your USB automatically.

6. Type "ls" or "dir" command to make sure the BIOS files are there, which are "GML0B015.BIN" and "AfuEfix64.efi". (See 4.See_if_BIOS_files_are_present.jpg)

7. Run the "update.nsh" file to update the BIOS. (See 5.Update_BIOS.jpg)
Warning: Do not unplug the power supply when flashing the BIOS. Must not unplug until the BIOS flashing process has been completed.

8. When it wants you to choose one option, please choose "E". (See 6.Choose_'E'_to_proceed.png)

9. When the BIOS is updated successfully, it will automatically restart the Windows 10 OS.

10. Remove the USB stick. Everything is now finished.

When you go to the BIOS again, you can see the "Project Version" is now "GML0B 0.15 x64".

IMPORTANT WARNING: After upgrading the BIOS to 0.15, please DO NOT downgrade the BIOS to a lower version. Otherwise, the BIOS chip will be broken down.

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