NEO U9-H: Android 7.1.1 Nougat OS [001FW]

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Thanks John. Looking forward to trying this.
Has anyone been using this since it’s release in August?
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Would like to try this but i think it requires a complete reset to the u9. True?
Is there a way to do a complete backup to roll back?
Kind suggestion for Minix: it would be very much appreciated if the final firmware release of Android 7 will have a (somewhat) recent security patch level (at least more recent than January 2018).
I tried the latest firmware (7.1.1) for like 2 weeks. I was disappointed, it kept showing me messages/notifications, when I boot my MINIX U9-H. Very annoying. I did reinstall the previous firmware (marshmellow) afterwards, this one has been working fine for now. I did try the ATV version (, marshmallows by Nexus, and it has been working superb.
I actually have the same version as IvanMinixSlo above. works better then previous version but still not 100%, the odd time when shutting down i get a message saying it stopped working as i have gotten the odd time when loading it up but is MUCH more stable then previous version. dont like that there is no OTA anymore and some of the layout changes sux but oh well....
#11 how do you get the previous firmware installed again? i keep getting errors when i try to flash U9-H-FW008-Android_6.0-20180209

[0x30201004]UBOOT/Disk initialize/Send command/Error result

do i need to erase flash or bootloader?
Does passthru works at all codecs? I noticed that om the first Nougat version no DTS-HD and Atmos was given passthru. Only dolby DD came thru
For me Passthru on Yamaha RX-V681 now works without any problems. On previous Marshmallow version i had constant annoying sound interruption every few minutes in all formats.
My Setup :cool: :

MINIX NEO U9-H - Android 7.1.2 Nougat (ZIDOO H6 PRO if something goes wrong :) KODI doesnt work, but built in Mediacenter is very good )
Yamaha RX-V681Video and Audio Passthru -
TV Panasonic TX-65EX780 -

I still trust and believe in MINIX ;)
Great ill try the 7.1.2 for me once more.

I have a minix U9 hooked up by hdmi to a Onkyo NR TX646 wicth a Samsung UE55KS7000 HDR 10bit.

The previous FW 7.1.1 did not pass thru all codecs in Kodi 17.6
I was wondering if any of you had the same issue as me:
I’m using the 7.1 (provided on their Facebook page) and noticed that even if I disable Bluetooth, on the next start-up it’s once again enabled.

It would be nice if the user preference was maintained after a complete shutdown (ie Bluetooth remains off).

Are you’ll experiencing this as well with the provided ROM from the forums?

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