NEO U9-H: Android 7.1.1 Nougat OS [001FW]

My Setup :cool: :

MINIX NEO U9-H - Android 7.1.2 Nougat (ZIDOO H6 PRO if something goes wrong :) KODI doesnt work, but built in Mediacenter is very good )
Yamaha RX-V681Video and Audio Passthru -
TV Panasonic TX-65EX780 -

I still trust and believe in MINIX ;)

What!! Doesent Kodi Work in newer versions??
Kodi is the main reason use Minix U9!??
Hi All,
Anybody willing to post some test results or walkthrough. If Kodi is out how is the build in mediaplayer?
From what I red the online updates are gone too...? how about the next version? do I need to manually install everything all over again? Better wait?
I was wondering if any of you had the same issue as me:
I’m using the 7.1 (provided on their Facebook page) and noticed that even if I disable Bluetooth, on the next start-up it’s once again enabled.

It would be nice if the user preference was maintained after a complete shutdown (ie Bluetooth remains off).

Are you’ll experiencing this as well with the provided ROM from the forums?

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hey Exequiel, what a great bridge picthure/wall - where can i find it ?
I have 4 main issues on 7.1.2:
Google restore assistant doesn´t start. So I have to manually install all the apps.
Poor performance in general (lag). I also had it in Marsmallow :( but I think its much worse on 7.
Wifi crashing. Suddently I have no internet and have to turn wifi off / on or airplane on / off
Some apps are cropped on the sides (like if they were phone apps) and the capchas have bad css so I can´t login in those apps.

Any workarounds?
OR any suggestions with a good stable-fast rom?
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