Neo U9-H laggy and buggy


since a couple of months, my Neo U9-H starts to become laggy and buggy....I use it mainly to stream IPTV in real time and it does not depends on the quality of the iptv service. At the begin the video stream is fluent, but after working the entire day it starts to lags, the audio is ok, but the video is like a slow continues in this way and become more and more worse till the program crashes. The problems does not solve if I restart the program, I need to restart the os, and everything go fine for other 12 or 24 hours I am not sure.
I read on some forums that it could depends on the cache and in order to improve the video stream, I need to cancel the cache going in to the recovery mode.
Is it true?
If I cancel the cache, will I lose all the configuration of the installed apps or not?

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