NEO X8-H Plus: Android Lollipop OS Firmware [20170612]

if you read the whole thread there is plenty of advice;)
I have read all posts, include #167
How you can detected so easily? I have tried a lot and no luck.
That video once opened the burning tools, he already have detected device id (HUB1-4) but mine is totally empty/blank...
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Exactly the same problem with both of my boxes the USB download is not showing in the devise ID

Even after i follow the proceedures in the video. By inserting the pin pushing the on button and connecting the power supply


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@claudchan , @Ray333

it can be problematic and you may have to try different usb ports and cables and even a different laptop/PC. It does work with Win 7 or 10 but some say win 7 is better. I use win 10. USB 2 is reportedly better

but just in case the power adapter needs to be unplugged first, then plug in the power adapter and then press and hold in the reset button and then hold the power button down at the same time for a good few secons, once a connectio is made you release both buttons.

Sometimes as i said its a pig to get a connection and just as you are about to give up you get one.

Once you do remember which port and cable you used for next time !!
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Can you suggest a good tool which works to burn the Firmware? I've tried a few, but haven't been able to make them work for the situation, i.e. burning the .img file to the SD card, such that either the boot reads from it directly, or in Recovery mode, I can Upgrade from EXT and read from the SD card.
Finallu updated my NEO X8-H plus to 5.1.1!UZV1UbyD!50Lw8HPXoewuTTJI1b9jA20-IzegCwHJqsISLcQJsJc -- Amlogic USB burning tool . For now this is the compatible version.

Software to download-- IMAGE FOR LOLIPOP.!n2hDWYRQ!lAYRyRRKJ1gzhBM59iyTOnSgh4rs3glm5jcnJFPA1w4

Follow the instructons in the video.
Install usbburning tool
Select the image that you downloaded.
Dont close this window.

1. Connect usb to LAPTOP
other end OTG to MINIX
POWERON with pusing the reset needle for 2 mints. If the device is detected the HUB name appears in the USBburning tool. Then click on start.

If no check for any other USB connected to ur laptop.
remove all usb connections.
Poweon MINIX
Insert the OTG again, this should work as it worked for me.

Once installed .. Minix takes some time to comeup. wait patiently
I am from India, so adjust your time and also dispaly settings.
some issue with Netflix and it is not working
hope we may see some other issues with app as some of the apps are not compatible.
Good Luck guys.
I have tried various combinations of the Burning Tool and IMG files mentioned in the first post of this thread and in the post above (by 'svvp'), and I cannot update my device.

Computer is Windows 10; no problems connecting to the Minix.

Suggestions appreciated.

Screenshot 2019-06-08 21.17.45.png.jpg

The errors noted are seen in these screenshots, below.
The 'xml' error occurs when I try to import the IMG file.
The USB Transfer Error occurs during the actual update.

Screenshot 2019-06-08 20.42.11.png

Screenshot 2019-06-08 20.57.30.png


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It took me many hours of work to get this working. I'd like to share with you what I found so that I may save some of you the work and the frustration.

1. The usb cable in use must be a good cable. It worked for me only after I used an original samsung cable supplied with galaxy s6 phone. When I used other cables the usb_burning_tool did not recognize my minix device

2. The PC must recognize the minix device as a usb device before the usb_burning_tool is run. Verify that its recognized as a usb device on your PC with the right drivers and only then run the usb_burning_tool

3. After the lollipop was installed I had no sound from HDMI on the device. Only after I installed soundabout (free version from apk) it was solved.

I hope I saved some of you some trouble.