NEO X8-H Plus Lollipop firmware update

Hi all ! I'm new to the forum and recently purchased a Neo X8-H Plus fully packaged unopened in the box from a thrift store for about $20. I was not sure if it was a good deal at the time, but I like to tinker a bit so I took it home as my newest project. I havent owned an android box before, as I normally use a tablet with chromecast but I wanted something a bit more user friendly. After opening the box and installing the Neo I found that it was still on kitkat and there was no update to at least lolipop. Unless I was able to update it, the NEO was going to be rendered unusable, and that is where this forum comes in. I want to thank everyone that posted links on a flash update to lolipop and instructions for the update. It was easy to do and now I have a very good android box loaded with some of my favorite apps and its super fast. I know there are newer models out there but to be honest, there is nothing wrong with the Neo X8-H Plus model as far as I can tell.
I love the box and I think I got a really good deal on it now that its up and running in lolipop.
If you own the x8-H Plus I recommend the lolipop upgrade, you won't regret it.

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