NEO Z64-A: Instruction for installing the firmware

Hi guys.
Having the same issue as Profix

Stuck on the "Image type X64 is not supported by this IA32 shell


Not sure where he changed anything for the flash to work for him.

"I changed the efl shell directory to my USB drive (blk1)
Run startup.nsh command and now I'm loading into droidboot.
I have no control in droidboot.
After CMD partition,ERASE factory and cache.
It just seems to hang."
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Please think about what you want.
My recommendation convert to Z64 W.
Install Android-x86_64, or PhoenixOS, or LineageOS, or Ubuntu, Ubuntu Mate, or Linux Mint. For me they all run on a MicroSD card, all 64bit, with Grub2Win and importantly gpt. All of them can be started from the one card


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A question, if Gru2win can start bit from 32bit os, it must be possible to start a 64bit win on 32bit bios.
I'm a bit stupid, but can't the win 64bit os send a message to the bios that it would be a 32bit?

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