Neo Z64 W Windows Android 9 x86_64 Multiboot,Phoenix OS,Linux,LineageOS,..also possible in Win Virtual

I have my OS on the W of Android x86.
Runs well too.
x86_64 is 64 bit.
If you want something older go to older ones. You just have to be careful, with the older ones the Playstore doesn't work properly or the services.
But you can download it from I. Browser. Take Grub2win over Windows to start.
Works also with other Linux distro. USB card reader, partition gpt. Then you can create multiple partitions, multiple OS, I use micro SD card 64 GB UHS-I, is good and fast.

Go to Android-x86 page in the browser. Releases are available for download and installation. You must. create a partition the size of your data img plus the size of the ISO. Create a bootable Live USB stick with Rufus Boats from this. go to your partition Create ext...
format and don't install grub2. You start it with grub 2 Win from Windows. If you are on the x86 page, you can go to the left menu. Under Release you will find older Android versions for download. r stands for stable release rc stands for test release

Small tips, in Windows you can work with Paragon Linux File Manager.
This is listed as a trial version.
After the test phase, it continues to run throttled.
With this you can edit img in Windows Linux.
With older versions you can create a data in an ISO with Toporesize in Windows.
In the older Android x86 versions, the Playstore and services do not work. I always used the free app store Apk.pure. I'm happy with it. There you can also get apk, s for free and where they are not available in the playstore. You can download this app via browser. You can also register and update the Playstore later. It works like this for me.
You can create an ext4 data img in a Linux OS with the command in the terminal.

I have phoenix os boot with grub 2win over android kernel, if it doesn't say, read out parms and adjust below. open folder boot from img grub, you can read boot parms, also in the live stick. That worked for me. I also did Android that way.
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Advantages for me from the z64 w (Releases, OSDN Download, x86, x86_64) (This is LineageOS)

The Z64 W can do much more, you get the LInux Distros installed, take Virtualbox in the Linux Distros,
I just tried it, what can you do with it in your Linux or Win system without having to boot? I just created a WinPE and tried to start, went.
Well, please see what there is for OS?

We want you to have fun for very little money.
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Being able to start virtually on a Windows computer like Z64 W is not that bad, believe the 64 bit ISO, s So either you install the Android x86_64 version or maybe virtual, if you also outsource your RAM, your 64 bit will run virtually OS quite good.
If you now have the RetroArch apk. can install.
You can also play well.
But the RetroArch apk is also available for Android.