NEO Z83-4: Ubuntu 18.04.01 Build


Our Ubuntu 18.04.01 build for NEO Z83-4 is available to download from below link:

Download Link 1 [MINIX Forum Server]:

Rufus can be used to create a bootable USB, instructions can be found at

Installation instructions are attached to this post.

Please note, the Windows 10 license key is stored within the BIOS on NEO Z83-4, we strongly recommend making a back-up in case you wish to revert back to Windows 10 OS in the future. See more information here:

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User Name: MINIX

Password: 123456


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hello I just now understood error I had used usb drive formatted in NTFS instead of FAT32. I installed now and all is well. thanks big minix always number 1!
After upgrading Ubuntu does not recognize boot of startup. In the BIOS there are 3 startup options. How to configure it now?


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Have you tried more then once to install?
The android is from the default minix install anyway. Just try one of the Ubuntu s think they will both work.

Ok but why does it appear Android and 2 Ubuntu? And which Ubuntu do I select?

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I installed ubuntu and it works fine but I would like to connect the wifi to the 5 Ghz network you can do with ubuntu? how to do?
thanks kar but in my case does not see the 5ghz despite having near the minix u9 / h and the latter sees it perfectly.
the z83 / 4 minix with ubuntu no. I have the ac6 curtain router

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