NEO Z83-4: Ubuntu 18.04.01 Build


Our Ubuntu 18.04.01 build for NEO Z83-4 is available to download from below link:

Download Link 1 [MINIX Forum Server]:

Rufus can be used to create a bootable USB, instructions can be found at

Installation instructions are attached to this post.

Please note, the Windows 10 license key is stored within the BIOS on NEO Z83-4, we strongly recommend making a back-up in case you wish to revert back to Windows 10 OS in the future. See more information here:

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User Name: MINIX

Password: 123456


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hello I just now understood error I had used usb drive formatted in NTFS instead of FAT32. I installed now and all is well. thanks big minix always number 1!


Have you tried more then once to install?
The android is from the default minix install anyway. Just try one of the Ubuntu s think they will both work.

Ok but why does it appear Android and 2 Ubuntu? And which Ubuntu do I select?
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thanks kar but in my case does not see the 5ghz despite having near the minix u9 / h and the latter sees it perfectly.
the z83 / 4 minix with ubuntu no. I have the ac6 curtain router

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