Netflix 5.3.1 Not Working

I’ve got a U9H and 2 U-1 boxes and they work great for Kodi and some sports apps I have. However I haven’t used Znetflix for a while and am not able to use it on any of my 3 devices. I’m using Netflix 5.3.1 APK and am not able to log in. It keeps saying the credentials are invalid. I know they work as I am able to log out and in on my iPad without issue.

Is there anything I can do to get Netflix working? I’ve rebooted the boxes. I’ve reinstalled 5.3.1 on one of the boxes and it didn’t make any difference.
. I’m using Netflix 5.3.1 APK and am not able to log in. It keeps saying the credentials are invalid
Interesting that you are having that problem, I experienced this same issue last night when I tried to log in on a U1. I didn't have enough time to try and resolve the issue, I may have time tonight.
I have 5.3.1 installed and working on 2 U9's so it does work.
@Cbsmith ,@ePuL you both by chance get a message or have Google Smart Lock feature turned on ?
I noticed this message pop-up at the bottom of the screen just before I entered my log-in credentials.... this might be causing some or all the problems for some reason ?:unsure:

Sill trying to sort it out!...... I have a feeling it's more to do with the fact that MINIX are not Google / Netflix certified ?:mad:

One thing I can ensure you, it has nothing to to do with your log-in credentials.... I reset mine twice !:(
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I have been using Netflix 5.3.1 successfully on a Minix Neo U1 for the past 7 months. Two days ago, Netflix gave me a message that my userid and password were not valid. The same userid and password allow me to log into Netflix on my tablet and desktop. I tried everything (uninstalling/reinstalling, clearing data, etc...) - no luck on the U1. Have you had any luck solving this problem?
Alas, that is what I had to do. I uninstalled 5.3.1 and installed v 4.16. I logged in immediately without any error messages. I hope that you can find some way for us to work with 5.3.1 - it is a better version.