No Internet

Ok. You already done that. Maybe is in minix the problem.
But his router may cause the problem also.
I dont know if his router is working good , i dont know if he needs a firmware upgrade also in his router.
We checked his router, everything is up to date.. I didn't really changed any settings in the minix box except the language
But I can't use the cable connection (only for testing) since the router belongs to my landlord. Or does it fix the wifi problem?
Yes i understand. Use for testing. Rj45 is faster, stable and it always better if you can use. If you use ethernet for testing dont forget disable wifi in your minix. U9-h has gigabit ethernet, if the router has also gigabit ethernet is great.
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The router is working on double frequencies, in the settings of the minix box it says it chooses automatically between the two.
I can't see the wifi symbol when I'm in an app, but when it's says no network or just not working I check in the settings an it says disconnect but as soon as I look it connects back on its own.
It's like the box is making fun of me.....
Terribly sorry I had to leave for the rest of the day. Please try all previous solutions before mine, as they might work, and it will be easier. Thanks for your replying to my questions. So, stop reading here and go up there and try the above suggestions before. If it solves it your time is gained!

You came back?... I am sorry...

Well, if you need my solution, I hope you will be able to follow this walk-through (also with your landlord).

I had my single frequency old router changed for one of these so said flabbergasting new double frequency ones.

Day one of the new router I started getting terrible internet drop offs, and was about to lose my mind. A terrible call centre service my ISP has (don't they all?) always puts me to work on my own to trace all chances before having to struggle with them.

In theory the Minix should choose "automatically" the best network available, true. And logically for the device the best one is apparently the one with the stronger signal, in spite of the frequency.

(Edited 16/5: Before proceeding any further please make sure that setting the network frequency in the wifi settings to 5.0 didn't fix it. In your case it could be that simple.)

The fact the 5.0 Ghz is probably faster and less busy is another subject. The machine chooses the strongest closest signal, as long as it can find the right password to break through.

Now, it happens the 2.4 Ghz, although not allowing such high speeds, reaches (it is so defined by physical characteristics of the signal) a wider range than the 5.0 Ghz one (this is probably the only disadvantage of having 5.0Ghz instead of 2.4), and so the 2.4 Ghz looks to the Minix to be stronger and closer than the lower range 5.0 one, which appears to be at further distance and therefore weaker.

The low speed in your picture 32Mb/s also looks suspicious, I remember those figures from my old 2.4Ghz router in a 100Mb connection.

Because your router is some distance away from the Minix (the same as mine which is about 15 meters away) I was surprised that you mention that you are getting full signal. You shouldn't get full signal for the 5.0 Ghz if the router is one floor bellow. You should get a little less than for the 2.4 Ghz, as both frequencies are in the same router. A little less is still fine.

The problem is the Minix will prioritize to connect to the 2.4 Ghz and gets confused because it should exchange data with the faster/less busy connection: the 5Ghz one which actually has the same identifiers and password. The same as you can't split the frequencies by eye, as they are conjoint in the same router with the same name and password, you can't tell what the Minix is actually internally doing, as you only see one network in the availability list to choose from.

You will probably need the 2.4 frequency to work, as some devices can't connect to the 5.0 one (I have a mobile phone and some laptops like that). But for an optimal connection the 5.0 Ghz should be the one for the Minix, which is choosing to connect to the 2.4Ghz unaware of our wishes .

Only way I found to go around this:

You have to get to the router network settings (not with the Minix box) and rename differently each of the frequencies and give each one a different password, as if they were two different networks. Now, whatever you do don't you dare to switch off the 2.4 Ghz! I warned you! You will very likely lose access to your router, especially if your router is set through online connection to the ISP! You would need another internet connection to get back to it (I did that silly mistake, and fortunately had another provider to connect to and proceed!)

Take a note of which is which as you set two separate network names, one for each frequency with different passwords, and get back to the Minix box.

You should see there now the two different names as available networks, go to settings and make sure it forgets the 2.4 Ghz network. Select the ID of the 5.0Ghz and insert the password. As it no longer has the password to access the 2.4Ghz, Minix will be forced to connect to the 5.0Ghz every time.

In future you can provide the 5.0 Ghz name and password to the devices that recognize both frequencies in their network availability list, and the name and password of the 2.4 Ghz to the devices where the 5.0 name doesn't show as an electable option.

It will work great, as mine does, the aerial signal will look one dash shorter probably, no worries it will fly!

Good luck!
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It depends how far the router and the minix are. For example the router is in ground floor but in the left side of the house and the minix is in the first floor in the right side of the house. In this example the minix will never catch a strong signal, and even with two different Wifi SSID. If the problem is wifi the best option for him is buy a wifi extender, or similar.
With this settings he can get more signal and more speed (in the whole floor).
My house has two floors and i use two routers connected by ethernet gigabit, i never lose signal or speed (for me is still the best solution), nothing beats a good wired connection.

Conclusion for me:
-He placed the router next to minix and tested with wifi and the problem remains.
-He can test with rj45 and test again.
-If the problem remains even with rj45 he can do a router factory reset (if he can), this before change anything in minix (upgrade or downgrade firmware)

There are two ways of firmware upgrade:
Usb method (PC) OR with sd-card, At least for minix x8h plus.
I never tested sd-card method, but if sd-card method work for u9-h the procedure must be similar.

I recommend you (upgrade firmware) if you can use a PC (a friend for example) to use usb method or if possible OTA, It is more simple for you.

OTA upgrade is not always available, sometimes you may have to use manual upgrade, check the forum.
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Over the years I have had many issues with WiFi connectivity, both on minix boxes and android phones. Although it looks like you have tried most of the logical fixes to resolve the issue unsuccessfully. That really only leaves more drastic measures.

Notrui2 above has suggested you upgrade your firmware. It's drastic, but it might work as it will reset EVERYTHING. That means you will lose your apps and their settings. So make a backup first. Perhaps someone else can advise you how to make a backup. My only experience with backing up android is on rooted phones using TWRP.

I would start by reloading FW008 first. It is a good and stable version and the last official FW.

IF, FW008 does not resolve the WiFi issue, then you could look at updating to whatever the latest android 7 version is.

Good luck.
When we do a firmware upgrade (android manually usb upgrade ) we dont lose everything, but many things.
Depending on the firmware we lose:
-Some apps (those that are not pre installed or previous versions)
-Apps settings and system settings
-personal data

That some apps we need and dont have (because of OS upgrade) is just search in google store and install again.
Of course we must do a backup first before upgrading.
What you have stored (files/videos/audio) in your u9-h i will recommend you saved to a NAS or if you dont have to a external hdd, i advice you to dont use minix devices to storage.
Google photos is also a easy (and free) way to backup and use your photos.

The firmwares usually comes with the latest apps/fixes.

These things i said here are the same for others OS like for example windows.

I will recomend also to store:
-kodi versions and firmware versions , this way we dont need to download again

Google store has always the latest app versions and dont allow us to install other versions.
If we want to install other apps versions or even other apps we need to search in others places or the best way is getting local (NAS or external hdd).

We can use a file manager in order to copy our things like x-plore file Manager (android), i like it.

Another thing:
If we use OTA upgrade we dont lose nothing, when available i advice you to do it.
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Ok, my bad. Bad choice of words. I should have said FLASHING his firmware, not upgrading. Flashing will reset everything to point zero, and that may be what would fix his problem, as it would clear everything and start with a new slate.