Problems with mouse and keyboard after setting up SSD win 10 boot

I recently (with the gracious help from members of this forum) reset my Z83-4 to boot Win 10 from a usb SSD.
Based on input I successfully used Win to USB application to use my SSD and reformat the original internal drive to use as storage. Like many have stated regarding the Z83-4 the small size of the internal drive made Windows 10 updates difficult if not impossible.

I did require some extra help with re formating the internal drive. The Win to USB support people were very helpful for this. They stated that they had not run into the issue I was having with trying to reformat.

I am now running into a problem with my wireless mouse and keyboard having very erratic behavior.

The mouse action is random appearing all over the screen. The action of the keyboard is Very delayed response.

MS keyboard 1000 and mouse 800. I did the routine driver look for a better driver. It said you have the best driver. As directed from the MS Windows 10 website about drivers I deleted the mouse drivers and rebooted. Same problem.

I downloaded the Z85-4 specific drivers from this forum. On browse for drivers I directed the search to the unzipped drivers folders from this forum. no luck. I tried to identify which folder contains the drivers for the mouse and keyboard. **noobie** here .... No luck.

A wired mouse works properly. Is it possible that my blue tooth (assuming it is bluetooth) connection to the mouse and keyboard is the culprit?

Thoughts appreciated
I have experienced similar on the J50C-4, whenever I plugged any USB 3 device into an available USB port the mouse (Logitech MX Master 2S) would turn erratic and laggy to the point of being unusable, as soon as I pulled the USB 3 device out then the mouse returned to normal. I am currently on 20H2 and symptoms remain the same, mostly with USB 3 thumb drives. After much research myself I think it is down interference but I have not gone as far as getting a USB extender to prove otherwise.

Have a read here:
I tried a different mouse keyboard combo and usb dongle same thing. My only other usb port (3.0) is for my SSD which is my boot drive for Windows 10. Which folder with the unzipped Z83-4 drivers contain the drivers for keyboard and mouse or is this a MS only thing with the dongle for the pair?

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