So, how many of us are anti-Apple?

Just out of curiosity, are there many of us that avoid Apple products in general? I figured with so many Minix devices being Android based, this might be the case. It was also really cool seeing release an Ubuntu OS product.


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I dont have any apple devices now but I started of my journey a long time ago with media players using an Apple TV ( which was an awsome device back then) , with all the fun of jailbreaking etc, did have an Iphone 3 , also jailbreaked and using Cydia if i remember correctly.

Now just mainly use android and windows :)
I appreciate the feedback, guys. I owned an iPod shuffle, 1st one with camera, way back in the day. I remember absolutely hating iTunes and instead using sharepod to load music to it. I haven't owned an Apple device since. The Samsung Infuse 4G was my first Android device. I was a fan of Samsung's devices since having owned the Samsung Glyde. Samsung alienated me when carrier subsidized variants were getting OS upgrades before I was on my factory unlocked variant. I could have bought any other phone and I felt like a 2nd class customer to Samsung. I've since switched to Sony. I do miss the AMOLED screens of Samsung, but am a lot happier with consistent timely updates on my Sony. I like Android because I experienced more freedom with these devices. Sony also has made awesome Android apps, my mind was blown when I discovered the AirPlay option on the included music player. My dad was shocked when I showed him that I didn't to buy an Apple TV to have AirPlay screen mirroring. The U9-H introduced me to AirPin Pro. My biggest problem with Apple products is their walled garden. Just because it's different doesn't mean it's worse. Some people seriously think people don't buy Apple because they can't afford it, when sometimes people prefer using widgets, live wallpapers, placing icons where they want, and custom launchers. Apple products aren't all that great. For a significant portion of the American populace they're just status symbols.

Edit: I started buying factory unlocked phones since the the Samsung S4, and would eventually buy an S5, S6, and S7 before moving on to Sony phones. Factory unlocked variants don't have carrier bloat, nor have any of my unlocked phones had snitching software that notifies my carrier that I hotspot and tether. I hotspot and tether without a hotspot/tether plan. Biting the bullet and paying outright for a factory unlocked phone saves me money every month I avoid tether/hotspot fees.

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I'm not anti apple but I don't own any of their products currently. I used to have a few different models of ipods and an Apple TV. I wouldn't buy an Apple device now as I think they've overpriced and too locked against customisation, but I wouldn't knock any apple fans as I know their products appeal to a large number of people.

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