[SOLVED] Unable To Fresh Install Windows 10


I attempted to do a fresh install of windows 10 using the f9 method. When attempting to install I received a “not enough memory error”. After freeing up as much memory as possible it still gave me the error.
I have downloaded a copy of Windows 10. After hitting f9 again it takes me to a screen that has the options of “using a device” “ “troubleshoot” or turn off.

If I select use a device it says uefi built in efi shell or it shows my usb with windows 10.

When selecting the usb it takes me to the installation screen for windows 10. I then go to “custom install”

It shows the following drives:
Drive 0 partition 1: System 64mb 11mb free
Drive 0 partition 2: 16mb 16mb free MSR reserve
Drive 0 partition 3 28Gb 28.6Gb free Primary (I formatted this to clear space)
Drive 0 partition 4: recovery 373 mb 63 free Recovery

I formatted partition 3 to install windows but it says “the existing partition system volume does not contain the required free space”

Is there anyway I can get windows back on my minix? I’m afraid to delete those other partitions but I’m unsure of why 28gb is not enough?
Solved... downloaded the Minix windows 10 version... formatted usb drive to ntfs and copied files to usb. Pressed f11 at boot up and installed from usb. The rest is history.... Phew 😌

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