Tutorial Neo X8-H Plus TWRP recovery


This is how I replaced the stock recovery with TWRP recovery, do so at your own risk OK!!

Download TWRP here

- Rename TWRP3_X8H_Plus.img to recovery.img
- Put recovery.img onto an SD Card formatted to FAT32
- Put the SD Card into your Minix, pull the power, plug the power back in, hold the reset button in and power up at the same time, this should boot into TWRP recovery.
- Swipe to allow modifications
- Select Install
- Select Install Image which is second up on the bottom right
- On the bottom right click "Select Storage"
- Choose Micro SDCard
- Select the recovery.img in the top left
- Select Recovery on the next screen and swipe to flash
- Once flashed select Reboot System