U22-XJ, requesting change to Vendor_0c40_Product_7a1c.kl file on next firmware update.

The file in question is what governs the Minix Neo A3 remote. I think most users would benefit more from having previous track and next track buttons instead of fast forward and rewind buttons. The following entries could be changed as follows:
"key 163 MEDIA_FAST_FOWARD" to "key 163 MEDIA_NEXT"
"key 165 MEDIA_REWIND" to "key 165 MEDIA_PREVIOUS"
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Edit: I figured out how to edit the .kl files.

Thank you for your response, @Villa . I suppose it is, this is my first root device, however I can't figure out how to give my apps root permissions to edit the kl files. Please forgive my inexperience in this matter. I do still believe this would be benefit Minix customers to have this done out of the box.
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