Very bad news about new box

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Got this response on Facebook regarding the previously announced Neo X39

MINIX NEO X39 has now been re positioned for the industrial/commercial usage market. It is not targeting the general consumer/home-use market. It’ll be available to purchase through selected channels in the coming months, though again it’s not intended to be used as a media hub like NEO U9-H
MINIX NEO X39 isn't Amlogic based, so this is in the wrong forum section...

This isn't bad news, this is honest news.

MINIX NEO X39 doesn't fulfil the necessary criteria to be a fit-for-purpose home media hub, so we won't sell it as such.
It's much better that we make this point clear prior to the release of MINIX NEO X39, rather than customers purchasing it only to be left disappointed assuming it to be the natural successor of MINIX NEO U9-H, which it isn't. We do not wish to mislead any customers.

MINIX NEO X39 is intended for use within the industrial/commercial market, primarily digital signage. This is the market it is targetted towards, and we shall make this explicitly clear in all marketing/promotional material related to it. We want to make it extremely clear, so no customer is under the assumption MINIX NEO X39 is for home use as a media hub.
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