Z-64 A to W Most 64 bit OS also work

Hello everyone. So I converted the Z64A to W. This is why I wanted Windows, Android, Phoenix, Ubuntu, Mate Linux Mint, everything. I have had this for many years. Windows I have a 32 bit Win 10, I think the BIOS only supports the 32 bit version, x86, GPT scheme.
Since the RAM was pretty thin, I virtually doubled it. Well it went quite well, you can even convert films with it at a good speed.
My other OS, I start with the grub2Win boot loader, also works with 64 bit.
I installed my other distro on a 64GB UHS-I micro SD card via USB card reader. Everything starts and runs fast enough. I downloaded Android-x86_64, Phoenix, Ubuntu Mate, Linux MInt.
Due to the simple Grub2Win in Windows, it was very easy to start, either enter Hd0, part. Or simply start via partition in Gru2Win or UUID. Which is good, the Z64 has a 64 bit processor. Thus the other OS run as 64 bit. So despite the poor hardware and speed, you still have a good PC.
I then took a closer look at this, especially the heat dissipation of the processor and found that the entire case also serves as heat dissipation. So when you play games, it gets pretty warm. So I tinkered something, I sawed a sink drain pipe to size and attached a mini fan to one side, the other side I placed exactly above the highest heat point of the housing, it's funny I monitored the temperature and could therefore 3-4 degrees under load cool down.
Since these PCs are getting smaller and smaller you can still think about developing such a small mobile fan. There are more mini PCs. These are also the future. Just think about it.
It is said that the less the hardware is used, the longer the lifespan ???
See this


I have Ubuntu-Mate, Ubuntu, Linux Mint on a USB SD card GPT, by the way Android-x86, Phoenix OS. on a USB 64GB MicroSD card UHS I I deleted the Grub2 bootloader in Windows. Use Explorer ++ as Admin and the command Prompt.Admin mountvol X: / s Open Explorer ++, X: Admin, then you can remove Grub 2 and use Grub2Win

Grub2Win starts over Windows installed, despite 32bit also 64bit systems It's a 64bit processor. Only the Windows Bios is 32bit

I have converted bios to w. Created a Win 10 x86 GPT, Fat32 stick with Rufus. This started manually. Blk: ..., Bootia32.efi Then install. Driver w installed, Make updates. Then grub2win installed, Bootorder first. Take a look at the next page. It's been a few years since I did this. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t-Pf8MbWt33XP7iGH12xqvoQPb0dNUsII_e_K033XDo/mobilebasic Remember I did it that way. I am not responsible for mistakes, this worked for me. Have a look at OS selection in Grub2Win what you can install is not that difficult, Android x86 load the kernel, PhoenixOS too, create a folder, example Android-6.0-r3, the r stands for stable release, others are still in test, unzip your iso Android-x86 into the folder on stick and load under os android, on the right the kernel path stick, this can also be done with ssd. Take a look at it if it is too difficult. get in touch then we'll try it together, ok? So I just did everything and everything works for me. If you should convert the bios, follow the exact instructions. If you do something wrong, the device can break. Good advice, in any case, do not interrupt the power and do not press any button until the bios flash is ready.
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Remember to create a manual virtual memory (swap).
Deactivate system-managed and set up manually enter value for Win 32 bit.
Just double the real AS.
Then a 64 bit system does not run badly on the z64w.
It works for me.6 years.
Ubuntu, Ubuntu Mate, Kali, Linux MintAndroid-x86, Phoenix-OS, Lineage CM-x86, etc ...
Auto Swap new on Win 10?
Hello to you, this PC has a lot of possibilities.
So I converted the Z64A to Win with the official Bios conversion Minix.
This gave me the following options. I can install Linux, I can use PhoenixOS and Android-x86, Lineage OS, of course I also installed a Win10.
But Win 10 only went as x86 version. The other OS run in 64bit for me.
I start this with grub2Win from Windows. This multiboot loader, although installed in Win x86, also starts 64bit OS.
It is not difficult to set up.
My offer, should you not get along with these, I may be happy to help you.
I also installed all OS except Win on USB micro SD. I also start from this.
So please be clear what you want and then decide.
I have been very satisfied for many years.

What was great about the 64 A is that it was not built with an ARM processor but with an Intel Baytrail.
Thus, it can also be used as a normal Windows version with a BIOS conversion. BIOS and drivers officially provided by Minix, forum.
But that's not all that was reasonably good, I noticed a long time ago, the housing of a Neo X6 is identical to the Z64.
So in times of environmental protection these construction whites are very ingenious. Please Minix please continue in this direction as much as possible.
I think then would your products be able to offer even more and cheaper?
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It's a shame intel stopped supporting android. By all accounts android worked very, very well on intel CPU's, maybe to well, that's why intel stop it.
Do you need Intel? Take a look at this page. If you convert the Z64 A to W you would have a lot more options. Z 64 A well, only I wanted to get more out of the PC, not just Windows, Android or Ubuntu, Ubuntu-Mate, look what you can do with the PC. Or the OS you can get on a W, I've been running it for 4-5 years.
Look online there is an arm processor that is supposed to be just like an Intel. Why a 64 A when it also works with W?
Have a look at www-android-x86.org I've had this for many years and
am satisfied.
If something doesn't work, there are other options like Phoenix OS or Lineage OS that are almost exactly like Android.
Two of them work for me, I haven't tried a third one yet.
Thanks, I've converted z64-A to z64-w and back again many times. I have a few of them.
Z64-A was cheaper then the windows version at the time.
When KitKat become pretty useless. I Changed them all to windows. Lite versions and full versions.
Advantages for me from the z64 w

https://www.android-x86.org/ (Releases, OSDN Download, x86, x86_64)

https://osdn.net/projects/android-x86/releases/68670 (This is LineageOS)

The Z64 W can do much more, you get the LInux Distros installed, take Virtualbox in the Linux Distros,
I just tried it, what can you do with it in your Linux or Win system without having to boot? I just created a WinPE and tried to start, went.
Well, please see what there is for OS?

A little tip, the installation on the Minix with Grub2 worked with only with a USB keyboard.

We want you to have fun for very little money.
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