Z100 - USB 3 power delivery problem when two devices plugged in


New member
Hi, I have the Z100-0db for a week now and I have a big problem with the two USB 3 ports on the side. When I have plugged in my Western Digital MyPassport USB drive in one of the ports and then plug in another device in the second USB 3 port the power of the USB HDD breaks down and the connection breaks. This happens no matter in which port the drive is plugged in. Even if I only plug in a USB 3 hub in the second port the power delivery of the other port breaks down. That is a big problem und should not happen. In my understanding these two USB 3 ports schould both have their own power lane separated from each other.

Is my z100 device broken and where do I get support or a replacement? This is really sad for a new device.