Best of both worlds ?

Firstly I've never owned an Android Box. Still using my WD Live as it has fulfilled my needs.

That said I'd like to move on and give the newer boxes a try. My needs are minimal and I believe Android TV would suffice. Essentially I'd want to first be able to watch my collection of DVDs saved to my external self powered 6TB Hard Drive. They are in .iso and mp4 format. Secondly I'd like to stream YouTube videos, news apps ect.
I'm trying to decide between the T5 and U22, and even though the T5 is Android TV and would probably be a good fit I'd much prefer the 'more powerful' (please correct me if I am mistaken) U22.
Now as to having the best of both worlds, can one use the U22 as an 'Android TV' in the sense of using a standard TV remote. I noticed it ships with a basic remote which appears to be just that. So I'm assuming it can be done. I will though however pick up an A3 remote, to have the ability to use the voice/Google assistant option. Would this combination of U22/A3 be similar to say the Mi Box S which I'm somewhat familiar with ? In that I can use GA to call up videos on YouTube ect. That and can the U22 and or T5 handle a USB connected 6TB drive ?

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Hi. Here are some considerations:

-android TV
-less powerful than U22-XJ
-You can use also A3 backlit with voice control and it works very well
-more user friendly

-standard android
-more powerful than T5
-more connectivity and storage than T5
-you can also use minix air mouse (a2/a3)

Both T5 and U22-XJ are good choices.

You can use both devices to:
-kodi - collection of your dvds

Check this for details:
Thank you both for your quick replies.

Just to reiterate, one can in fact 'click around' the U22 just as one would on an Android TV box such as the T5 ? The air mouse functionality comes into play on apps that would need more than an Android TV interaction ? Is this correct ? But YouTube, Kodi, Pluto, ect would work with a simple ATV remote ?

Could you quantify the difference between the two units ? Is there actually a big difference in power and speed between the two ?

I'm glad to hear that they both will accept a large HD, that was a major concern. Though one request if I could. I'd like to have at least one USB port on the back as not to have cables protruding out the sides. I'm thinking of using a 90 degree angle USB adapter to get around this.

Thank you again...