Fan start at max speed every time open an application


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Hello, every time run for first time an application or open a new webbrowser page, computer fan run at max speed during a few seconds.

I have tried to configure all AUTOMATIC POWER FAN options from BIOS but without any diference about this issue.
With fan nearly at max speed always or lowering speed, seems that Slope PWM Value no have efect.

Only way that I have found to about this issue it's to configure MANUAL MODE and it's always have a constant speed without speed-ups.

Any recomendation about this?
I advice you to use:
CPU Smart Fan - automatic mode.

Let the device adjust the fan speed, sometimes it is a little annoying (the noise) but in my opinion it is the best setting you can set.

Try to use the device in a cool environment.
Sadly it's not an option.
It's really annoying, always that open something fan start at full speed been really noisy.

But seems that BIOS options no change this behavior.