Fresh install 2021 all working


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First of all the drivers are availabale in this post :-
Second someone recommendided installing Driver Booster Free :-
This managed to get some hardware showing up in device manager, so just did the first step on the new devices

Third someone recommended installing the intel driver and support assistant, it sorted the GPU drivers, then run step 2 again.

Everything I have seen in the forums about sound, hdmi sound, sd card reader, wifi, all sorted with the above steps.
Manually did the Wifi driver copy to the drivers folder.

All windows updates installed up to Jan2021, i have removed all apps for all users and deleted the previsioned apps, run the commands to reduce winsxs, disk cleanup, and have 5.43 GB Free space.

1080p and 4k upto 12,000kbps all responsive and good.
Hi...i have just like you managed to upate mine to 202H but via complete reinstall..Now i have only 2,5 gb free...How did you get more free space - i did clean winsxs folder... What command did u use, and how did you cleaned the provisioned apps ?

I also had to manually install wifi driver, and used the intel driver and support assistant to properly get to install video drivers

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