Getting resolutions on A6 ROM with Kodi18?


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Are you able to get resolutions as well as refresh rates on Kodi18' whitelist?

Yes, but available options are VERY limited compared to Windows which lists dozens of resolutions/refresh rates. Other than the full choice of 1080p options, very few match my 4K display on Android Kodi 18. It seems to be a global issue. Luckily I don't need the whitelist with my TV anyway but I can understand the frustration of those who do need it!!

Eh, Nugat firmware back in beta :(, Kodi scaling visibly worse in comparison to my TV doing scaling itself :confused:...
It's not "back in beta"!! Android 7.1.1 for the U9-H still hasn't had an official final release. If you're experiencing issues, you may be better off using the stable 6.0.1 with FW008.

Invariably, if you have a half decent make/model TV it will do a better job of any upscaling etc. than Kodi anyway. Which TV are you using?