How do I create a backup of my device?

Hi all

Im running the original firmware / android version on my Neo X7

NEO -X7 - 216A
Android v. 4.4.2

I would like to install the wasser rom (lollipop) but would like to make a backup image first in case it goes wrong and I need to revert things as they were (with all the apps, settings, etc as they were prior to flashing).

What is the best way to do this on a Minix box like mine?

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Hi i don´t have you device.

I advice you:
-use a app for backup your apps (for usb, etc)

- for data you can use a file manager

search for what you want and then copy to another place

- GUI settings (i never save to a file and i don´t know if it works good)

-apps settings and data: (kodi)
I copy several files from my NAS to clients
i use a kodi NAS server with sql

If you use Kodi and you want to save data, settings (to local usb for example) you can use kodi backup addon and then restore them.

other apps normaly i setup them from beginning.

For backup it is better you separate things (not only one app).
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