How to deactivate the button "13" - List of apps installed"


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It doesn't work, because this button is global button for the whole system (Android). So, when You want to programm this button in Keymap editor, and You press it in edit menu, You are redirect to the menu "List of APPS installed".
But thank You for your effort.
was worth a try :)
Hello, please, does anyone know, ho to deactivate the button nr. 13 (list of apps installed)?
Minix Neo x8h plus, Android 4.4, NEO A Lite
Thanx for any reaction.
If your device is rooted you can disable it by editing the .kl file. You just place a "#" in front of whatever line contains the text "ALL_APPS". What is the vendor and product ID for the Neo A2 Lite?
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