Kodi 18.8 final is out


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I have downloaded and tried to install on my U22-xj. When I try and do the install, it just errors out and the update fails.
You have two options:

If you are unable to install downloaded apk use google store instead.

If you are going to install external apk, security must be changed (unknown sources must be allowed ) and after that you are able to install.
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When i install via external apk, i always download and install: (32 bits version) on all android devices that i have

Android OS:
I tested Kodi 64 bits versions on other minix devices (i think it was U9-H ) and i don´t see any difference.
My conclusion: 32 bits build works very well for every android minix device that i tested.

Windows OS:
Windows 64 bits , you must install kodi win 64 build: