memory card disconnecting randomly

Hello, I recently got a Neo Z83-4 Pro. I wanted an absolutely silent device that I can use to play audio and video files 24/7. Obviously most of the inbuilt memory is required to run Windows 10, so I put my media files on a 128 MB card that I put in the card slot. I have now been running this for a couple of days, and it looks like the memory card (drive D) gets disconnected at random intervals, so that my files stop playing. I can reconnect the memory card by switching off the PC and switching it on again, but it's really annoying that files stop playing. Any idea what is causing these disconnections and how I might avoid them? Could it make sense to use an external card reader instead and connect it through one of the USB slots?
thanks for letting me know. Before I buy myself a card reader just to do what my Minix should be doing for me: are there any known issues around using external memory cards with USB card readers?

I find it pretty frustrating that this type of issue still hasn't been resolved. I must say I really like the basic philosophy of my Z83-4 Pro, but it feels like it's totally outdated. Would be great if Minix could produce a new product that is equally silent and energy efficient, but with more speed and more memory and less issues...

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